Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Only Option by Megan Derr

The Only Option


29541892A desperate dragon. A lonely necromancer. A marriage neither wants.

When he is summoned to the royal castle, Rochus anticipates nothing more than a particularly difficult assignment. The bothersome journey is almost made worthwhile when he is propositioned by a young, beautiful dragon, Tilo, who seems untroubled by the fact that Rochus is a necromancer.

When Rochus arrives at the castle he is ordered to marry the very same dragon he spent the night with. Though Rochus would rather sign papers and return home, he is helpless against Tilo's pleas for help, even if it means spending more time around a man he is desperately drawn to but who doesn’t seem to want him.

It's no secret that I love Megan Derr's books.  I recommend them to friends whenever possible.  Have you read Tournament of Losers yet?  No??  Well go read it!  What about The Lost Gods series?   Read that one too.

The Only Option brings us back to Derr's fantasy world where different beings (Necromancers, Dragons, Queen's Hands, etc) co-exist in relative peace.  Rochus is forced into a marriage because Tilo needs help to save his lands and so far his pleas have gone unanswered.  When in need, force a necromancer to become your husband to secure his magical assistance.  Derr 101. 

I loved Rochus and his insecurities only made him more endearing.  He doesn't believe anyone would fall for a 43 year old necromancer with pale skin and blue teeth.  Little does he know...

Tilo's character was interesting and I've always had a soft spot for dragons.  He was a bit annoying at times because he's quick to pout or cry.  But I guess that's what happens when you're a 20 year old dragon trying to save a kingdom on your own. 

Everything about this book was great.  I loved the magical/ghost companions and the sweet interactions between Rochus and Tilo.  The age disparity just made it that much more precious. 

Here's another to add to the list of Megan Derr books I'll be recommending!

I received a free ebook copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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