Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bearful Bear and His New Moves

Bearful Bear and His New Moves

by Anna Lee Everhart

 While Bearful Bear goes about another day in the forest, he wonders whether he can learn to move like all of the animals around him. Every creature he encounters shares how they move, and then Bearful has the opportunity to practice his new skill.

Children will learn how to fly, gallop, hop, and more with this rhythmic, rhyming tale about an inquisitive bear whose animal friends teach him to move in many new ways. These catchy how-to's not only encourage movement by the reader, but also encourage language development and outright fun!
This was a very cute children's book.  I don't have children yet but I have two nephews, one who would be old enough to listen and try to do all of the groovy moves that Bearful Bear is learning. 
It would be a great book for all young children, but especially for those who have a difficult time sitting still for story time.  Bearful Bear encourages kids to move around and try different things, like hopping, galloping, and rolling.  It's interactive and fun.
The drawings are bright and beautiful and would probably be exciting for children.   They are encouraged to look at the pictures and try to find the next animal who will teach Bearful Bear some new grooves.   
Rating for children: 5/5

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