Monday, February 23, 2015

With This Ring by Celeste Bradley

With This Ring

by Celeste Bradley

From bestselling author Celeste Bradley comes With This Ring, a delightful tale about the lengths one woman will go to marry—at all costs…


Elektra Worthington is the lovely middle daughter of the eccentric, impoverished Worthington family. Her beauty means nothing to her except as her currency to return the Worthington name to its former glory of status, riches, and dominance in the ballrooms of Regency England. To this end, she will stop at nothing—even if she must kidnap a rich lord in the process. If this lucky gentleman is just returning from a long absence and knows nothing of the Worthington reputation, well, a girl shouldn’t look a gift lord in the mouth…right?


Lord Aaron Arbogast, returning to England after a decade-old scandal—of which he was not truly guilty, but instead took the blame out of loyalty to a good friend—is the last of his line. He will someday become the Earl of Arbodean and inherit the estate…if, that is, he can prove to his ailing grandfather that he is a reformed man. Falling for a woman like Miss Worthington could cost him everything. But his desire for her? Priceless…

*Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for sending me a free copy for review*
I love Celeste Bradley.  She has been on my favorite author list for years because of her Liar's Club and Royal Four series.  There were several characters from those series that make an appearance in this book, which I enjoyed a lot.  Button will always be welcome!

With This Ring ended up only being about 3 stars for me, which is still a pretty good rating.  I have a difficult time connecting with some heroines, especially when they are stubborn and headstrong.  Elektra had her reasons for being the way she was, but she still irritated me to no end.  She uses people and manipulates them to get her way, and since she is so focused on her family she convinces herself that it is all worth it.  She didn't seem overly concerned when her actions caused hardship for other people.  Even so, she softened toward the end and seeing her through Aaron's eyes helped me to understand her more.

Aaron himself was a good character.  He was honorable and trying to make up for his past mistakes.  I loved the relationship with his friend because it showed the reader exactly how far he's come since he was an arrogant young man. 

I'm glad I read this book and I would definitely read more from this series in the future.  Celeste Bradley still remains one of my favorite authors.

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