Sunday, February 8, 2015

Yogi and the Bear by Nix Knox

Yogi and the Bear



*I received a copy of Yogi and The Bear from the publisher via Netgalley*

This began as a 4-5 star book but unfortunately I had to bump the rating down the more I read.  It's more like a 2.5, and the extra half star is just because of Ryan.  His personality grabbed me from the very first page and I fell in love with his character.  He is confident, unafraid of acting silly or being forward.  And he is hilarious.

Then comes(hur hur) Niklas, who is...different.  He begins the story as a calm yogi who is at times confident and at times skittish and afraid of everyone.  And he has good reason to be.  But it didn't make sense to me that this character would **spoiler**quite suddenly change his personality and become a virgin Dom with something very like a split personality.**spoiler**

What really ruined the book for me was that most of the plot was dropped in favor of constant sex.  I felt like everything that happened after the beginning of the book was an excuse for the characters to jump into bed together. Most of the book was sex and the rest was the two characters talking about sex.  I was so bored!  After the first few chapters I didn't glimpse Ryan's amazing personality again.
It was very disappointing because I thought I was going to love this book a lot.

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