Saturday, March 7, 2015

200 books a year should be enough, shouldn't it?

I have recently realized that I suffer from reading envy.

 I am quite blessed to have a lot of time to read (though I don't use it wisely) and a pretty good reading speed.  I average about 200 books a year. 

I'm quite active on Goodreads (probably much more than I should be) and every year I join the GR reading challenge.  I used to think that reading 200 books a year was a lot until I met some other readers who read 400+ books a year.  And these people work and have families! 

You know that thing about emulating masters?  Well, that's what I've taken to doing.  I regularly check how many books my 400+ friends have read so far and use that to spur myself on.  I see how many of those are shorter books and plan to read some shorts, too.  It's a sad, sad thing, people.  These are the lows that readers can sink to. 

At least there is a bright side to my obsession.  Reading more means that I can visit more worlds, discover more characters to fall in love with.  There is so much more to learn! 


  1. I was wanting to increase my number of books read each year but then sometimes I think what is a number compared to really reading and enjoying books for yourself? Too bad that people read shorts or children's books just to rack up the numbers. I have decided this year to read only what I really want to read and I want to enjoy what I read, hence, I am becoming selective. I don't think my mother would have ever read books just to say that she has read a certain amount. I am trying to go back to my roots, my attitude towards reading and books. :) Even when it comes to requesting NetGalley books, ones that I am truly interested in. I might barely break my goal of 120 books this year but at least I know I have enjoyed the journey and not do it for the sake of numbers.

    1. That's a good way to look at it. :)

      I like the challenge of pushing myself to read more. I've read more this month just because I'm consciously working at it. I still enjoy my books a lot, though.

      My focus is to get my Netgalley books read and reviewed. To have any hope of doing it I need to push myself to read more this year :). My own fault for being such a Netgalley-addicted girl.